Winter 2018 Anime Season First Impressions: Pop Team Epic

If you follow seasonal anime you’ve probably heard of this show at least once recently but for those who are out of the loop Pop Team Epic is a adaptation of a 4-Koma comedy manga that relies heavily on references to keep the laughs coming or at least that’s the impression I got after watching the first episode, Not to say that the jokes that don’t reference anything aren’t funny but I found they didn’t hit as hard. When a comedy takes this route you almost always have the issue of people not getting the references thus making the show far less enjoyable for them, while I haven’t experienced this I’ve interacted with a fair amount of people who did most of which thought this first episode was mediocre at best. I expect Pop Team Epic to be one of the more popular shows this season and the people behind it are well aware of the wildfire they have created and will continue fanning it with fidget spinners until it grows out of control. I think Pop Team Epic probably going to stay at the quality that it’s at now throughout it’s run. I’ll more than likely follow it for at least a few episodes and from what I’ve seen I’d place it around a 6.5.


2 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Anime Season First Impressions: Pop Team Epic

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